BELBIEN 2018 NEW 97 Designs
  • Mystery of Handcraft

    Belbien is an industrial product. Belbien is a one-of-a-kind industrial product made by craftsmen who have acquired intuition for years, which is created by overlaying only one pattern one by one. The expression and texture change, depending on the angle, to raise the atmosphere and evoke emotion, both of which totally differs depending on where a person stands in the space.

  • DA-83 DA-83 SHIJIMA
  • DA-84 DA-84 YU-GEN

Concept Belbien 2018

belbien EX

The highly functional sheets features the functionality of 10-year weather resistance,
contamination resistance, and scratch resistance with a highly sophisticated design.
Sales results accumulated over 30 years prove the product's high reliability.

  • EF-1001 EF-1001 Earthy Linen
  • EF-1002 EF-1002 Twilight Linen
  • EM-4215 EM-4215 Rusty Brown
  • EM-4216 EM-4216 Hairline Stainless
  • EM-4217 EM-4217 Bronze Chiaro
  • EM-4218 EM-4218 Antique Vibration
  • EM-4219 EM-4219 Noir Vibration
  • ES-5221 ES-5221 Arenite Vellum
  • ES-5222 ES-5222 Granite Vellum
  • ES-5223 ES-5223 Marlite Vellum
  • ES-5224 ES-5224 Chromite Vellum
  • ES-5225 ES-5225 Cinnabar Vellum
  • ES-5226 ES-5226 Covelline Vellum
  • EW-1207 EW-1207 Viera Oak (SC)
  • EW-1208 EW-1208 Sen (S)
  • EW-1209 EW-1209 Pale Walnut (SC)
  • EW-1210 EW-1210 Dull Chic Elm (S)
  • EW-1211 EW-1211 Bitter Elm (S)
  • EW-1212 EW-1212 Sedona Cherry (SC)
  • EW-1213 EW-1213 Italian Walnut (S)
  • EW-1214 EW-1214 Évreux Walnut (S)
  • EW-1215 EW-1215 Snow Larch (S)
  • EW-1216 EW-1216 Greige Larch (S)
  • EW-1301 EW-1301 Naked Italian
    Walnut (S)
  • EW-1302 EW-1302 Naked American
    Walnut (S)
  • EW-1303 EW-1303 Medium Walnut (S)
  • EW-1304 EW-1304 Évreux Walnut (S)
Aburaya Ryokan Aburaya Ryokan completed in 1996

More Information for belbien EX

White Board Sheet

Belbien-specific challenge.
The whiteboard offers the capabilities of writing and erasing, and
Belbien does not forget to always colorize the surrounding space.

  • BWH-004 BWH-004 Shell White
  • BWH-101 BWH-101 White Purple Wood (SC)
  • BWH-102 BWH-102 Naked American
    Walnut (S)
White Board Sheet
  • SW-153 SW-153 Jindai-Hinoki Rain (S)
  • SW-154 SW-154 Jindai-Sen Moon (S)
  • SW-155 SW-155 Donau Oak (SC)
  • SW-156 SW-156 Donau Oak Soir (SC)
  • W-307 W-307 Naked Italian
    Walnut (SC)
  • W-308 W-308 Naked American
    Walnut (SC)
  • W-646 W-646 Dull Chic Drape (S)
  • W-647 W-647 Grunge Chic Drape (S)
  • W-648 W-648 Medium Walnut (S)
  • W-655 W-655 Rastic Oak Natural (C)
  • W-656 W-656 Rastic Oak Greige (C)
  • W-657 W-657 Plain Elm (SC)
  • W-658 W-658 Greige Medium Elm (SC)
  • W-659 W-659 Greige Dark Elm (SC)
  • W-660 W-660 Rowdy Walnut
    Italian (SC)
  • W-661 W-661 Rowdy Walnut
    American (SC)
  • W-662 W-662 Rowdy Walnut
    Smoke (SC)
  • W-663 W-663 Calando Maple (C)
  • W-664 W-664 Marcato Maple (C)
  • W-665 W-665 Largo Maple (C)
  • W-666 W-666 Lento Maple (C)
  • W-731 W-731 Light Greige Oak (S)
  • W-732 W-732 Natural Light Oak (S)
  • W-800 W-800 Grunge Strata
  • W-805 W-805 Silver-Inlaid
    Walnut (SC)
  • W-806 W-806 Gold-Inlaid
    Walnut (SC)
  • CM-132 CM-132 Luce Drape Light
  • CM-136 CM-136 Silver Fox Oak (SC)
  • CM-137 CM-137 Sable Oak (SC)
Abstract Pattern
  • CM-131 CM-131 Cervantes
  • DA-78 DA-78 Frosty Beige
  • DA-79 DA-79 Frosty Gilver
  • DA-82 DA-82 Carta Wrinkled
  • DA-83 DA-83 SHIJIMA
  • DA-84 DA-84 YU-GEN
  • DA-86 DA-86 Averse Cascade
  • DA-88 DA-88 Sakon-e Chanvre
  • DA-89 DA-89 Ukon-e Chanvre
  • DA-90 DA-90 Shabby Trulli Light
  • DA-91 DA-91 Shabby Trulli Dark
  • DA-92 DA-92 Straw Silk
  • F-476 F-476 Haven Brow
  • S-573 S-573 Carta Mica
  • S-574 S-574 Carta Tivoli
  • S-575 S-575 Ceramica Etin
  • S-576 S-576 Ceramica Cuivre
  • BR-542 BR-542 Nebula Bronze Dark
  • BR-543 BR-543 Metal Tide Silver
  • BR-544 BR-544 Metal Tide Bronze
  • BR-545 BR-545 Metal Tide Dark
  • CM-127 CM-127 Wet Cuivre
  • CM-128 CM-128 Dry Cuivre
  • CM-129 CM-129 Silk Brass
  • CM-130 CM-130 Martello Brass
  • CM-133 CM-133 Carta Cuivre
  • CM-134 CM-134 Silk Cuivre
  • CM-135 CM-135 Martello Cuivre
  • CM-140 CM-140 Nebula Stainless
  • FM-44 FM-44 Cheval Etain
  • FM-46 FM-46 Cheval Champagne
  • FM-45 FM-45 Cheval D'or
Fabric / Leather
  • DA-80 DA-80 Greige Lattice
  • DA-81 DA-81 Graysh Lattice
  • F-473 F-473 Oyster Linen
  • F-475 F-475 Twilight Linen
  • F-477 F-477 Bengal Satin
  • F-478 F-478 Azurite Satin

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