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belbien EX

belbien EX sheets are weather-resistant and stain-resistant

belbien EX sheets offer excellent functionality, design, and reliability.

Color Fastness,Scratch Resistance,Stain Resistance,Design,Chemical Resistance

Weather Resistance Test

Changes were not observed after 5000 hours from the start of the weathering test.
(belbien without the EX function -> Changes are observed after 1500 hours.)


Stain Resistance Test

A variety of different stains can be removed with a stain resistance test (per the internal rules).
(belbien other than the EX Series -> The stains cannot be removed completely.)


Actual sales results for more than 30 years

Aburaya Ryokan

For more than 30 years since its release in 1986, belbien has been used for the exteriors and interiors of buildings as a highly functional product. Since belbien hardly fades and discolors, and stains can be removed easily, the beauty is maintained for a long time. The belbien EX Series is used where weather resistance is required, such as outer walls, eaves soffits, louvers, and signs, as well as in areas where both weather resistance and stain resistance are required, such as entrance doors and elevators. The belbien EX Series is designed in consideration of high functionality and texture. Many patterns in wood, metal, stone, sand, fabric, and abstract designs are available. If you want to maintain the beauty of a building for a long time, belbien EX is the answer.

EW-1500 (discontinued)

Areas Where belbien Is Applied:
  Eaves soffits, window frames, and pillars Product No:
  EW-1500 (discontinued)

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