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Privacy policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Under the recognition that it is the social responsibility of C.I. TAKIRON Corporation to protect personal information in an appropriate manner, the Company will comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information. The Company formulates the following Personal Information Protection Policy while striving to have all its officers, employees and the people concerned fully honor the Policy.

  1. The Company observes laws, regulations and any other norms concerning personal information protection.
  2. The Company takes measures to collect, use, and provide personal information.
  3. The Company does not collect or use personal information obtained from customers without prior consent.
  4. Even when the Company has obtained prior consent, it uses the information only to the extent of the consent obtained.
  5. When the Company outsources the processing of personal information, it contracts out the business under strict control.
  6. The Company takes reasonable safety measures against risks related to personal information, including unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage thereof.
  7. The Company establishes its internal rules aimed at protecting personal information. By conducting continuous review and improvement of the rules, it makes efforts to maintain appropriate management of personal information.

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