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New Pattern and Sample book

belbien SAMPLE BOOK 2019-20

belbien SAMPLE BOOK 2019-20

This is an updated sample book for Belbien, The deeper tones were created by using a new embossing process to craft a delicate texture, adding to the traditional—and unique—belbien expression. 11 kinds of embossing and 76 patterns, in a combination of white, black and gray.
A separate volume, the Information Book, goes with the sample book. You can see our proposals for bathrooms, elevators, and more in a place-by-place manner, and you can also see articles composed of spatially conceptual renderings as well as pictures of work examples. Please complete the dedicated form if you would like to read the sample book. (Member registration is required.)

New Patterns

belbien +TEX

Available in 2019 with 76 patterns.


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